EU energy label provides new promotional tool for solar thermal systems

The new EU energy label
The new EU energy label

Since September 2015, all newly installed space heating and water heating systems have had to be supplied with energy efficiency labels in all EU-member states.

The project extends the established labelling scheme for electrical appliances, such as washing machines and fridges, to space and water heating technologies.

However, initial results from the project show that more action is needed by manufacturers and installers of heating kit to label their technologies so that consumers can make informed choices.

Isabella O’Dowd, the energy labelling expert at the Solar Trade Association, explained: “The package label is a great way to promote the benefits of solar thermal.

“It can be easily understood by consumers and helps them make informed decisions when comparing heating options.

“The solar thermal industry will greatly benefit from better take-up of the labelling scheme, as it clearly demonstrates the superior energy saving benefits to consumers if solar thermal is included in their heating systems.”

The EU energy labels for heating devices adopt the well-known colourful scales of G (red) to A+++ (green) and provide orientation for the consumer on energy efficiency of heating devices. The new labels have a similar structure as other labels, know from electrical devices, cars and other consumers and can have a strong marketing effect in the decision making process.

Manufacturers and installers issue the label prior to the sale and thus facilitate consumer decision.

The new labels are the product of entering in force of requirements for space heaters and water heaters within the framework of two European Directives, the Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Directives. These reflect the Commission’s goal towards reducing the energy consumed by products, at the design, manufacture stageand operation stage.

The Ecodesign Directive sets minimum performance criteria for products and Energy Labelling aims at providing the end-consumers with better and more information regarding the products energy performance.

The introduction of the energy efficiency requirements for space heaters and water heaters bring also an innovation in terms of energy labelling. For the first time, a new type of label will appear in the market: the package label.

This package label will allow all consumer to have an indication of the energy efficiency of a system combining several devices. Furthermore, this package label will illustrate the overall efficiency of the system when combined with renewable energy systems, such as solar thermal.

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