LETTER TO EDITOR: Re: Winter weather generates Scottish wind-power boost

Sir,Letters to Editor

I write to add my support to Professor Tony Trewavas, and his response to the comments of Mr Gibson, MSP ( http://goo.gl/xQE4TI )

 Prof. Trewavas is absolutely correct that by generating the most expensive electricity in the UK, renewables cannot do anything other than increase costs. I also agree with his view that in the medium to long term nuclear power is the only viable solution and that it is only for short term, narrow political reasons (probably linked to a wrong headed conflation of nuclear weapons and civilian nuclear power) that the SNP have rejected nuclear energy.

I would like to make two further points.

Firstly, the SNP Scottish Government claims to be a left of centre, social democratic party and continually focusses on social justice.

However, the Government does not highlight the impact of renewable energy in terms of fuel poverty. Further, the greatest beneficiaries of onshore wind power are large landowners – which seems completely at odds with the Government’s social democratic claims. 

Secondly, the Scottish government never makes explicit the fact that we are exporting large amounts of electricity largely dues to the recent huge increase in onshore wind generation.

I think the views of the Scottish people with respect to renewable energy, and onshore wind power specifically, would be very different if they were explicitly told that all new wind farms (including those affecting iconic areas such as Rannoch Moor, views of the Highland Boundary Fault line, and the Flow Country) will generate electricity for export. Destroying (sorry, ’transforming’) the Scottish landscape to generate power for export is not a campaign slogan that I have ever expect the SNP use.


Dr Stuart Paton

Dunkeld, Perthshire

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