Onshore UK oil and gas industry perplexed by Labour party Bill to ban shale gas exploration in Scotland

Ken Cronin
Ken Cronin

The UK Onshore oil and gas association (UKOOG) has said it is surprised and disappointed at the move by the Labour Party in Scotland to launched a Private Member’s Bill in Holyrood to outlaw exploration for onshore shale gas exploration.

See Scottish Energy News 4 Nov 2016: –


Ken Cronin, Chief Executive of UKOOG, said: “We  find it hard to understand why Labour, a party set up to represent ordinary working people, would not want to work with the industry to create jobs, provide significant benefits to our communities, improve our energy security and find solutions to our future heating and other energy needs rather than introducing a bill which is clearly politically designed to set one party against another.”

“The process set out by the Scottish Government to have a research phase and then a public consultation was welcomed by all sides in the debate.

“Scotland is the birth place of oil and gas exploration onshore which has been conducted safely for many decades under a strict regulatory regime.

“Four out of five Scottish households use gas for heating and thousands of jobs are sustained by taking gas and making it into products that we all use every day. The climate change impact of exporting our gas needs from countries that have much lower environmental and human rights record rather than producing our own is quite clear.”

The first parliamentary defeat suffered by the minority SNP-led Scottish government in Holyrood since the May election was on fracking, with parliament voting for Labour’s proposals for a ban as SNP MSPs abstained.

Labour MSP Claudia Beamish’s consultation will seek views from the public on public safety, the environmental risks of fracking, investment in renewables and Scotland’s transition to a low carbon economy.

The public consultation will run until 17 February 2017.


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