Redundant Scots oil and gas workers tell Sturgeon to ‘get fracking’ over INEOS shale gas and get new 4×4 car manufacturing plant based in Scotland

Scottish First Minister Sturgeon is told by out of work Scots oil worker: "Dae something!"
Scottish First Minister Sturgeon gets tellt by out of work Scots oil worker: “Dae something!”

Energy workers in Scotland – including people made redundant from the North Sea oil and gas industry in the current oil slump – have called on the minority-SNP Scot-Govt to ‘get fracking’ for onshore shale gas.

The following letters are a selection of those received after Scottish Energy News EXCLUSIVELY revealed that the owner of the INEOS petro-chemical plant at Grangemouth is looking to invest at least £100 million in building a new car manufacturing plant – ‘possibly in the UK’.

But because of the fact-free fracking ban temporarily imposed two years ago by the Scot-Govt – which prevents INEOS from exploring for on-shore shale energy in reserves deep underground around its Grangemouth plant – the new car plant, to build a 4×4 ‘replacement’ for the Land Rover Defender, will almost certainly not be built in Scotland.

Ineos spokesman Tom Crotty later said the company had a preference to build the car’ in the north of England’, but no final decision had yet been made.

We put the following question to Nicola Sturgeon, Scottish First Minister, and Paul Wheelhouse, Scottish Energy Minister.

If Mr Ford, Herr Porsche or Mr Shell (which already operates a hydro-carbon plant in Fife) were wondering if you would welcome an £-billion- investment in building a new car factory in Scotland, would you say ‘Yes’ to helping them?

They have not – yet – replied.

But here’s what readers of Scottish Energy News said:


The first INEOS shipment of shale gas imported from the USA docks at Grangemouth.
The first INEOS shipment of shale gas imported from the USA docks at Grangemouth.

Dear Editorial team,

Please find my response to your request for letters concerning the above, happy for any part of my report below to be used at your discretion; am avid reader and out of work Oil and Gas worker

INEOS plans a utility vehicle manufacturing production but not in Scotland.

One can hardly blame INEOS when the elephant in the room is the ill-founded claim by Scotland’s First Minister and ill-founded moratorium ‘Obama-like’ on developing their core business in Scotland, which has led to them import oil to keep the lights on at Grangemouth.

If there is any place to pioneer the development of a world class fracking industry it would be Scotland.

Oil and Gas workers have an enviable safety record, as statistics on the HSE website show O&G sector’s above average safety performance record.  

Last year PwC (Price Waterhouse Cooper) published the running job losses in the Oil and Gas sector as 110,000 and rising and news this week the recruitment industry who have lined their pockets in years passed from O&G industry are practising blatant discrimination against these 100,000 unemployed O&G workers, makes for a grim outlook indeed for all these dedicated skilled mortgage owners and their families.

INEOS announcing their ambition to develop an automotive production business but not in Scotland, taking their investment ‘somewhere else than Scotland’.

While Scotland’s First Minister saves face at the expense of the working men and women of the O&G industry.

Tens of 1,000’s of real families in Scotland and further South fight for survival with little hope of finding alternative work due to  illegal discriminatory practises in the recruitment industry, brought to light this week, watch as tankers arrive from the USA disgorge their imported  supplies on the river at Grangemouth, directly above Scotland’s own untapped reserves.

The man in the street says, DO YOUR JOB Ms Sturgeon and dae something!

Name and address supplied: Grampian



A Land Rover defender: INEOS Chairman Jim Ratcliffe is looking for a site to build his new £100m car factory.
A Land Rover defender: INEOS Chairman Jim Ratcliffe is looking for a site to build his new £100m car factory.

My answer would be a big YES. I am off an age where I have already had to weather a large part of another industry leaving Scotland. The Electronics sector.

When I went to University I studied Electrical & electronic engineering as there was loads of big electronics firms in the area, by the time I finished most of these had shut up and moved to cheaper countries.

This un-evidenced restriction on fracking is potentially stopping the creation of 1000s of jobs in Scotland at a time when there are lots of people out of work.

I am in recruitment and I get 100s of applicants for the vacancies I work and a large portion of these people could find work in either fracking OR a new car plant and the supply chain that would spring up around that.

Sometimes Nicola you need to look at the bigger picture and make decisions you don’t like personally for the good of the country.

I am an SNP supporter so I agree with most things the SNP stand for but sometimes they are wrong as well.

Name and address supplied; Fife

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