Where Scottish Energy News leads today, the Aberdeen ‘Snail & Journal’ and ‘Energy Voice’ follow – 24 hours later

News-24 hours too late: the Press and Journal edition dated 26 Nov 2015
News-24 hours too late: the Press and Journal edition dated 26 Nov 2015













24-hours before - Scottish Energy News report published on 25 Nov 2015
24-hours before – Scottish Energy News report published on 25 Nov 2015

Back in the middle of last century, fierce circulation battles were waged by the then media Titans, many of which are now fast-becoming today’s modern-day media minnows.

In one of the more effective Fleet Street ‘war slogans’ of the day, the Daily Express used to attack its  fierce rival the Daily Mail with the battle cry: “Why take the Mail train, when you can get the Express”!

Today, technology is making both of these print media titles increasingly obsolete and out-of-date while even the Old/ Past Master media magnate Rupert ‘King Cnut’ Murdoch has seen the Jericho pay-walls around his title – The Sun – come tumbling down because his readers voted with their mouse and moved round The-Sun God


And here's what you're not missing - also 24 hours later - hidden behind the Snail and Journal's pay-wall snoozepaper, 'Energy Voice' - also published after Scottish Energy News, on 26 Nov 2015
And here’s more of what you’re not missing – also 24 hours later – hidden behind the Snail and Journal’s pay-wall snoozepaper, ‘Energy Voice’ – also published after Scottish Energy News, on 26 Nov 2015

Now readers/ consumers now simply by-pass the pay-wall and land on sites where their news is delivered  free – and faster (‘at the point of delivery’)

This is the same principle in which the NHS is ‘free’ (‘at the point of delivery’). And on the same basis, the BBC is ‘free’ (…but of course people pay for it through the licence-fee).

Today, in the 21st century, speed (of news delivery) is still a key battleground. But the ‘old media’ Titans of last century are trying to compete in a fast-moving, high-speed, hi-tech war with the editorial equivalent of the horse-and-cart.

Except they can’t compete.

And they won’t succeed. 

And the proof is evidenced in the three images above.

The Scottish Energy News  report on reaction to the Chancellor’s autumn financial statement on 25 November 2015 was published within 2 hours of him sitting down in the House of Commons. Read the full article here:


Yet it took the ‘Snail and Journal’ – the yesterday’s-news-paper for the Grampian/ Highlands area – another 24 hours to get the same story on to the streets in the edition of the Press & Journal dated 26 November…

Sadly, it’s not just the Snail & Journal. Verified sales of EVERY daily-snail-paper edited and published in Scotland are plummeting because they cannot compete on speed – or ( with their not-free at the point of delivery) cover price.

And while y/our ‘free’ BBC competes with ScottishEnergyNews.com you cannot advertise on the BBC (at least until Rupert King Cnut Murdoch gets his way…)

The 5,000 registered readers who receive the daily bulletin from Scottish Energy News – totally free of charge – have got this message.

So too do the further 11,000 unique website visitors to www.Scottish Energy News.com. Have you?

So why waste your (scarce) advertising and marketing budget on the Snail (& Journal) Train, when you can go high-speed and hi-tech express with Scottish Energy News!

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Fergus Ewing, MSP, Scottish Energy Minister


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