Airsynergy’s augmenter blades double performance of revolutionary new ‘two in one’ wind turbine

Jim Smyth, Chief Executive, Airsynergy (left) and Ray Coyle, Chief Executive, talk business after installing a twin-bladed Total Energy Solution wind turbine at his Tayto Park amusement centre.
Jim Smyth, Chief Executive, Airsynergy (left) and Ray Coyle, Chief Executive, talk business after installing a twin-bladed Total Energy Solution wind turbine at his Tayto Park amusement centre.

An Ireland-based company has launched a new “two in one” wind turbine which uses a multi-bladed augmenter that ‘turbo-charges’ the power output from the machine by accelerating the airflow across the rotors.

During operation the multi-blade rotor augments the air flow on to the rotor system allowing it to cut into operation and generate electricity at considerably lower wind speeds compared to conventional two-blade wind turbines.

In wind tests on a 5 m/s site, the 5-kW Total Energy Solutions turbine – designed and developed by Dublin-based Airsynergy – increases power production performance by up to 100% over similarly rated turbines.

The six-blade augmenter concentrates and amplifies any air it attracts from the inside out; consequently increasing the speed of the wind flowing past the larger two-blade rotor. This amplification means a larger power output can be achieved compared to competitors.

Airsynergy’s pioneering, patented technology also means that the turbine can be placed in many locations previously deemed unsuitable for a wind turbine, its reliability guaranteeing total energy independence, 24 hours a day.

The multi-blade augmenter can generate renewable energy the world over – particularly in areas of low wind speeds. With standard wind turbine technology, only 20% of global wind sites can provide renewable power, but with Airsynergy’s revolutionary offering, 80% of global wind sites can be utilised.

This clean energy solution is also cost-effective. The TES is able to double the power output compared to standard turbines, therefore the cost of electricity powered by the TES is significantly lower than the grid price, and of other renewable solutions.

With this revolutionary energy product, power prices are fixed for up to 30 years.

The TES can be installed with ease, as it utilises tilt-up tower technology. Much smaller than a standard wind turbine, the TES is also virtually silent in operation.

A TES has already been installed at Tayto Park, an amusement park near Dublin which is home to the longest rollercoaster ride in Europe and where a bulk order for Airsynergy turbines is in prospect.

Airsynergy sell and supply direct in the UK and Ireland and are swiftly building a global international dealer network with territory-assigned partners. Production is handled by Flextronics, the world’s No. 2 contract manufacturer.

Jim Smyth, Chief Executive, Airsynergy, commented on the launch of the low-cost energy generation solution:

“Many areas remain unexplored when it comes to wind power. With the Total Energy Solution two-in-one turbine, we have have tapped into the potential that wind power can provide – in any location.

“For example, the augmenter in the Total Energy Solution turbine can, in effect, double average wind speeds in Germany so that it has the same natural wind energy resource as, for example, that found in Scotland.

“We believe this will completely revolutionise renewable energy generation.

“The ability of the augmenter blades to ‘turbo-charge’ the main turbine means installation and operation costs are half that of rival products and –  of particular significance, especially in the onshore wind sector in Scotland and England – this also means the Total Energy Solution turbine does not need a feed-in tariff subsidy to make it viable in the small-wind market.

“Planning permission is generally not required, according to Airsynergy, because of the small footprint and low height (about the same as a two-storey house) while the Total Energy Solution turbine provides a payback on investment in 7½ years.”

And there are other wind power and energy-efficiency products in the Airsynergy range.

An Airsynergy Renewable Power Unit at Tarrytown school in New York
An Airsynergy Renewable Power Unit at Tarrytown school in New York

The Renewable Power Unit (RPU) is a wind and solar hybrid streetlight with a built-in re-chargeable energy source.

Its patented duct augmented technology increases the speed of the wind flowing past the blades. This means that power can be generated from lower wind speeds than conventional turbines.

As a result, the RPU is suitable for a wide range of locations such as pavements, walkways, car parks and recreational areas, where it can provide reliable power, regardless of wind speed.

It can be both a permanent part of the client’s power solution, or a temporary power supply, which – unlike diesel generators – does not need to be re-fuelled.

Jim Smyth explained: “Many parts of the UK typically do not produce high wind speeds on a regular basis, so we are launching a product which has been designed to accelerate the wind speed flowing past the turbine, consequently offering consistent, renewable power to all.

“This RPU hybrid streetlight also provides renewable power which is completely free from any external power source. This off-grid solution is easy and quick to install as it utilises tilt-up tower technology.

“It also cancels out the need for trenching, ducting or cabling; lengthy and expensive processes which can negatively impact the surrounding environment. With this renewable solution, expensive grid connections are also not required.

“It is also a highly reliable and secure power source, with a standby storage of up to 12 days. Should an area not require lighting at certain points of the day, the streetlight is also fitted with easy-to-operate, smart, power management technology which dims the lights to conserve energy when needed.”

The RPU uses LED lighting, with a strength of 8,000 lumens, providing unrivalled brightness; ensuring excellent visibility at night. This ‘green’ powered streetlight also has the ability to adapt to individual specifications.

A second light can be added to the RPU for areas that require more light, such as areas near schools and recreational areas. The off-grid unit is also aesthetically pleasing and can be bespoke designed to include a specific brand’s logo, colours and design.

It has been supplied in locations ranging from local schools in New York city to the Wayside Celtic football club near Dublin and at nine other locations in the EU.

Smyth added: “The UK must be proactive if it wants to meet its sustainability targets for clean energy by 2020. With our revolutionary RPU, we are providing a total lighting package – offering clean power to towns and cities that require reliable and renewable street lights that maintain safety and security.”

The OneSynergy PAVEL roof-mounted aerodynamic exhaust cowl
The OneSynergy PAVEL roof-mounted aerodynamic exhaust cowl

The third product in the new Airsynergy range is the PAVEL – a revolutionary ventilation product which can reduce the energy consumption of a traditional extractor fan by 50%.

The PAVEL’s aerodynamic exhaust cowl reduces the total energy consumption of an air extraction system by overcoming the inherent inefficiencies of standard industry cowls.

The patented technology means that it is able to achieve optimum airflow by the gradual deceleration of the air within the unit, and its gentle diffusion into the surrounding air at low velocity. Its design means that the fan does not need to work as hard – consequently reducing energy consumption.

The PAVEL can be assembled at the point of fixing; therefore requiring no lifting equipment to raise and position onto the roof. It also requires minimal maintenance as the PAVEL contains no moving parts.

And the PAVEL cowl is also the first of its kind to demonstrate a quantifiable return on investment. At current commercial electricity prices, this equates to an average return on investment in under two years.

Jim Smyth, Chief Executive of Onesynergy – part of the Airsynergy Group – said: “Time and consideration have been spent to ensure that the PAVEL cowl is the most efficient and cost-effective option on the market.

“At a time when energy consumption is such an important issue, we have created the ideal solution which achieves unrivalled airflow efficiency.”

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