AND FINALLY: Happy Rabbie Burns Day – an’ a’ that!

Like the Scottish Government – but unlike the politically-incorrect Scottish parliament – Scottish Energy News adopts a linguistically-inclusive and culturally-diverse language policy.

There are three languages used day and daily in Scotland. They are;

  • Scots
  • Gaelic, and
  • English

So – in common with the Scottish Government, Scottish Energy News hereby celebrates Burns Day in the Scots and English leids in memory of the great national poet ‘n bard, Rabbie Burns.

Wishing everyone a Happy Burns Day, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon (pictured above) commented that fowk the world over “identify wi’ his principles – his internationalist outlook, the belief in equality that his poems set oot, and his vision o’ a world where:

‘Man to Man

The World o’er

Shall Brithers be

For a’ that.

Emma Harper, the SNP MSP for Sooth Scotland, added: “On the anniversary ‘o Robert Burns’ birthday, I am asking the Scottish Government tae continue tae support the leid and celebrate Burns for keeping oor language alive. 
“Let’s continue to transmit Scots orally, but perhaps even mair important screivin’ it – recordin it’ –  and getting it written doon.  This is crucial.”

Regrettably, Scottish Energy News  disnae hae the wealth o’ linguistic or financial resources to include Gaelic here, but – where resources and timescales permit – we dae use the Scots leid in oor daily reports.**

** ‘Cooncil’ is the Scots language word for ‘council’ and is not pejorative:

Ditto for ‘hoose’ <house> ‘mair’ <more> ‘ken’ (to know>, ‘thocht’ <think> etc.

Dictionar o’ the Scots Leid  / Dictionary of the Scots Language –


An example of Burns’s international literary influence can be seen in the choice by the American novelist John Steinbeck in the title of his 1937 novel, Of Mice and Men, which was taken from a line in Burns’ ode, Tae A Moose.

Emma Harper, SNP MSP
Emma Harper, SNP MSP

This is the pairlamentary motion pit down by Holyrood MP Harper:

Celebrating Burns and the Scots Language

“That the Pairlament walcomes the annual celebration o’ Scotland’s national makar, Robert Burns, whilk is haudit oan January 25th ilka year tae mark the Bard’s birthday;

“Conseeders that Burns waes ane o’ the greatest makars, an that his wark haes influenced thinkers the warld o’er; notes that Burns’ first setten furth collection, Poems Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect, kent tae as the “Kilmarnock Edition”, setten furth in 1786, did muckle tae mak better kent an tae forder the Scots leid, an conseeders that this bides amang his maist important legacies;

“Believes that the celebration o’ Burns Nicht is an opportunity tae heize fowk’s kennin o’ the cultural significance o’ Scots an its status as ane o’ the indigenous leids o’ Scotland, an believes forby in the importance o’ the scrievin doon o’ the Scots leid fur tae mak siccar its bidin throu scrievit documentation, as weel as oral tradeetion.”

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