AND FINALLY: Sturgeon’s new Scottish Independence Bill may result in full on fracking…

saltireshale-gas-signFirst Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced that her SNP-led Scottish Government will publish a new Independence for Scotland Bill next week in Holyrood.

Whatever it says, or doesn’t say, about the Scottish democratic principle of ‘sovereignty of the people’ versus the UK/English doctrine of Westminster parliamentary sovereignty, there will be an avalanche of politicking between now and when the next Scottish Independence Referendum is held to keep Scotland in the EU but out of the UK.

There will also be an ocean-ful of political red herrings, mis-representation and outright lies.

But the big irony here – by the time the next Scottish Independence Referendum is held (and if it results in a ‘Yes’ majority) – is that Scotland’s oil in the North Sea will be well and truly running out and the heated and multi-goalpost-moving debates about its value will finally cease.

The even bigger irony is that shortly afterwards, the first fully Independent Scots parliament will probably be overturning the shale energy fracking ‘moratorium’ once the offshore oil (and gas) finally runs out.

Or perhaps the first ‘fully-free’ post-Independence SNP government will resurrect a new post-Independence Scottish whale-hunting industry frae Dundee? This would certainly be a great new opportunity for Scottish & Highland Enterprise to sponsor…

Either way, it could be enough to prevent conflicted ‘n confused Scottish Green party supporters – and anti-fracking SNP members –  voting Yes for the very Scottish Independence to which their parties are pledged.

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