AND FINALLY: Swiss forestry worker converts veteran Volvo into a wood-burning stove-mobile

Lang may yer wood-burning lum reek; the Volvo makes its own huge contribution to the environment
Lang may yer wood-burning lum reek; the Volvo makes its own huge contribution to the environment

The pace of change is accelerating in the worlds of oil and automobiles with Big Oil companies gearing up to become Big Automanufacturers by buying, or making, battery-powered vehicles (BPVs)

Even OPEC – the massively head-stuck-in-the-sand oil-producing cartel is worried about BPVs putting them out of business.

However, one forestry worker in Switzerland has accepted the ‘clean’ vehicles challenge by installing a road-legal wood-burning stove in his 28 year old Volvo estate car.

Get out on the highway, keep your wood-stove burning...
Get your motor runnin’
Head out on the highway 
Lookin’ for adventure, and
Keep your wood-stove burning
As Steppenwolf didn’t sing it in the ‘Born To Be Wild’ signature soundtrack to Easy Rider.

But Pascal Prokop’s Volvo-240 doesn’t use the stove to fuel his car – it’s simply to keep him warm on cold winter (and summer) nights in the forest.

A chimney runs from the stove and out through the roof of the car – with the lum reeking out stove-loads of smoke – ensuring that Pascal doesn’t die from smoke inhalation and can continue his journey in pleasant warmth.

Other car manufacturers are considering bringing out commercial ‘stove-mobiles’ of their own – such as, for instance, the Vauxhall Ashtra and the Porsche Fire-Boxster.

9 Nov  2017

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