Big Six energy price rises to hit electric heating customers hardest, warns Energy Action Scotland

Energy company E.ON has announced that it is increasing its standard electricity prices by an average of 13.8 per cent from 26 April, which – along with similar increases by some other energy companies –  will hit Scots households that rely on electric heating particularly hard.

Already Scottish Power has said it is increasing its standard electricity prices by an average of 10.8 per cent, EDF has increased its electricity prices by 8.4 per cent, and Npower will raise its standard electricity prices by 15 per cent.  Meanwhile gas price increases are around the 4.5 per cent mark.

 According to the Scottish Government’s figures, 12 per cent of Scottish households (284,000) rely on electricity as their main source of heating.  Many of these households are likely to be off the gas grid and so will have a more limited choice of heating types. 

Often properties in rural areas have no access to mains gas; 16 per cent of Scottish households are off the gas grid and of these, 63 per cent are in rural areas.

Table 5: Primary Heating Fuel, Households (000s) and %, for All Stock and by Sector, 2015

All Stock Private Social
Primary Heating Fuel 000s % 000s % 000s %
Mains gas 1,914 79% 1,446 78% 468 79%
Electricity 284 12% 192 10% 92 16%
Oil 158 7% 156 8% * *
Communal Heating 25 1% 5 0% 21 3%
Solid mineral fuel 18 1% 16 1% * *
LPG bulk or bottled 15 1% * * * *
Biomass 15 1% * * * *
Sample size 2,754 2,095 659

* denotes cases where attributes appear too rarely to provide an adequate basis for reporting

Norman Kerr
Norman Kerr

Norman Kerr, Director of Energy Action Scotland –  the national fuel poverty charity – said: “For people struggling to make ends meet, any prices rises for basic necessities such as domestic energy will hurt. 

“However, the increases we are seeing now of  up to 15 per cent for electricity will really bite.

“The price increases in electricity for those households reliant on electric heating will have a big impact.  This gives a strong message to the government that more effort is needed to assist households with limited access to heating or fuel types such as those off the gas grid. 

“Rural areas continue to need particular assistance to reduce levels of fuel poverty and the overall cost of living.

“We would encourage customers to find out from their energy supplier if they could make savings by moving to a different tariff or payment method.  In addition, it’s worth shopping around to check the best deals available that suit customers’ own circumstances.”

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