BREXIT COMMENT:  Scottish Independence will keep us with the EU IN-crowd

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If a second referendum on Scotland’s Independence is held and results in a YES Vote, will we see major oil companies (and banks and other transnational companies) ‘threatening’ to leave London and re-locate to Edinburgh – as they conversely did in the first Scottish Independence referendum?

This would certainly provide ‘stability within the EU’ – in sharp contrast to the highly volatile stock and currency markets reaction in UK and around the world on the British vote for Independence from the EU-bloc.

Certainly, the campaigning for – against Scottish Independence in the EU in a second referendum would be entirely different (for good) and would be conducted without wholesale ‘Project Fear’ scare stories lobbed in from a country (England/UK) that has already voted in favour of separatism from the EU.

Politically, a second Scottish Independence to Leave the UK but REMAIN in the EU leaves the Scottish branches of the UK political parties stranded on an electoral desert island.

The (Scottish) Tories, Liberals and Labour parties all officially campaigned for Scotland (and the UK) to reject British Independence and remain in the EU.

Now that the UK/Britain/England has voted decisively in favour of (their) Independence from the EU, how can these Scottish parties logically campaign against Scottish Independence IN the EU?

The same paradox applies to the mainstream/ consumer print and terrestrial broadcast media in Scotland (whether locally owned or not).

Over to EU.

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