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SEN Unique visitors July 2014  (8701)By George! Scottish Energy News has doubled its daily readership in the first year – and is now also attracting an additional 8,500 website readers per month. (see chart, above)

Just like new UK royal baby George, it is barely 12 months since Scottish Energy News  was ‘born’ in 2013. And one year on (actually, just 11 months in the case of Scottish Energy News) both ‘babies’ have clearly found their feet and are thriving.

Since launch, the readership (‘circulation’) of the Scottish Energy News  daily e-mail newsletter has more than doubled and is now read by more than 3,200 active, confirmed and individually-addressed subscribers / readers every day throughout the UK and Ireland.

And that’s not including the rising number of unique visitors to our website.

In June, there were more than 5,500 Unique Visitors to the website  – and this leapt further forward in July, when more than 8,700 Unique Visitors voluntarily visited Scottish Energy News  as our  google-stats chart shows.

Scottish Energy News  now has a growing international audience in USA/ Canada and in Asia/ Japan/ China and Australia, and Twitter followers are increasing day and daily @ScotEnergyNews

More than 10% of readers access Scottish Energy News  via smart phones – which are the communications technology of choice of the AB1 readers; ditto for the more than 20% of readers who use Apple-Mac computers to read Scottish Energy News.


But it’s not just about quantity: Quality also counts.

With more than 90% of MPs in Holyrood (and many others in Brussels and Westminster) among our daily readers (including more than 100 Scottish government energy and enterprise civil servants), Scottish Energy News has quickly become the ‘go-to’ site for players in the all the main OGR energy sectors (oil, gas and renewables) – as well as coal and nuclear generators – to get their message across to UK policy-makers.

SEN Top email domains July 2014









Our international reputation is growing too – and Scottish Energy News is  now the official European Media Partner of the Ocean Energy Europe conference in Paris in October (where key speakers include Scottish Energy Minister Fergus Ewing) –  reflecting the growing awareness of Scotland’s large share of Europe’s wind and wave power resources among EU policy-makers and market players.

(In the world map, at foot, the countries in the black/dark shade indicate where the thousands of active Scottish Energy News daily-email readers are based) 

Scotland has a big role to play in the EU energy sector because it is ‘home’ to:

  • 25% of Europe’s offshore wind resource
  • 25% of Europe’s tidal power resource
  • 10% of Europe’s wave resource

All this just might be because Scottish Energy News does what it says on the tin: it is the daily, fast, free – and unique – business-to-business news channel for the energy industries in Scotland and the UK.

Here’s what our readers say:

Dear Scottish Energy News,

“Many thanks for these daily mailouts. Though I work in Brussels, I find them very useful as Scotland is such an important player in Europe’s energy sector.”

Senior EU policy-maker


Dear Scottish Energy News,

“I read Scottish Energy News every day. It’s a quick and effective way of keeping in touch with the entire sector. It’s certainly made a mark in very quick time.”

Holyrood MSP (and member of the Scottish Parliamentary Energy Committee)


In addition, every News article, BUSINESS PROFILE and POLICY PLATFORM article published on Scottish Energy News  is also available online in our Twitter page  – @ScotEnergyNews – and these can  also be re-tweeted as part of your own marketing activities.

In free, open and liquid markets, a product or service stands, or fails, by the demand from consumers. 

So Scottish Energy News – humbly – thanks all our readers (and advertisers) around the world who have made this possible.

We could not have done it without you. And with the continuing support of our readers, we will continue to provide

  • Free
  • Fair
  • Impartial
  • Independent and
  • In-depth coverage

of YOUR company, YOUR product, YOUR services  –  and – YOUR successes.

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And there’s also good news for all our friends in marketing. Because Scottish Energy News  is focussed, targeted and free  (and reaches the parts that high-cost, low-value print media does not) we can help your marketing budgets not only go further, but make more impact.

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(Keen readers will notice that this rate-card is now slightly ‘out of date’ in that our latest circulation/ readership figures now far exceed the figures quoted here.

However, the prices have remained the same – thus representing even greater value for money.

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SEN Global readership map Aug 2014

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