Centrica VP urges oil and gas industry “not to waste a good crisis”

colette cohen
Colette Cohen, senior vice president for UK and Netherlands, Centrica

Colette Cohen, senior vice president for UK and Netherlands, Centrica, urged the oil and gas industry “not to waste a good crisis”

Speaking at the Industry Technology Facilitator conference and technology showcase in Aberdeen earlier this week Cohen made clear that this time of difficulties for the sector was an opportunity to refocus and revolutionise the industry.

Cohen said: “There are people doing things way bolder than us. We need to start challenging ourselves to the use and deployment of new technology.

“My challenge to you all is not to waste a good crisis.

“We have an opportunity now not only to survive but to thrive, to create a sustainable industry that gets back to its roots, that is innovative and a little bit more brave, that reaches out to our own industry and other industries and find technology that we can deploy.

“We also need to be bold if we are going to help our industry in the North Sea survive – and thrive.

“I would guess now we are luddites compared to most others. Even some of the logistics companies like Amazon use robotics and computers more effectively than us.

“On the plus side, because everyone else has been working on it, we get to steal it that is what we should be thinking about.

“There is technology out there already that we could rapidly deploy within our industry, if we were a little bit more open, stopped thinking we were special and unique and started believing we were just another industry and that robotics somewhere else could be applied to us.

“We have got ideas that go everywhere, and that is magic. The problem is that we don’t focus enough to deliver step-change improvement in one area.

“You really do build on success. If no one is getting that success everything just falls by the wayside.”

“My belief is if you can unlock small pool, you can unlock exploration. Can you image what the industry would look like if 150 unlocked small wells came online?”

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