Come and help the Scottish Energy Minister shape the agenda for the Govt’s new Scottish Energy Strategy at SCOTLAND’S RENEWABLES FUTURE

Paul Wheelhouse, MSP
Paul Wheelhouse, MSP

The Scottish Government has flagged up its plans to develop a new Scottish Energy Strategy in a number of ‘soft’ launches in speeches carried out before the Holyrood general election by Fergus Ewing, the then Scottish Energy Minister.

And the emerging new Scottish Energy Strategy – which is likely to include a commitment to source 50% of Scotland’s energy from renewable sources by 2030 –  is expected to be top of the ‘to-do’ list for the newly-appointed Scottish Energy Minister, Paul Wheelhouse.

The SCOTLAND’S RENEWABLE FUTURE forum – being held on Thursday 26 May, just 10 minutes up Holyrood Road from the Scottish Parliament – provides a perfect platform for attendees to share best practice and innovation with leading speakers from Scotland’s renewable industry, as well as an opportunity to make their voices heard with MSPs newly-elected to Holyrood.

We’ve already asked for your Top 3 Scottish renewables wishes (see at foot, below) 

Scotland's Renewable Future conference - 26 May 2016

Learn about SCOTLAND’S RENEWABLE FUTURE  with MSPs Liam McArthur, Ross Thomson, and Expert Industry Speakers –  26 May 2016 


Your Top 3 Scottish renewable future wishes (and many more!)

We shall feed as many of these ‘wishes’ into the Renewables Question Time debate with Holyrood MSPs on Thursday, 26 May 2016. So book now to assure your place – and voice – at SCOTLAND’S RENEWABLE FUTURE.

All new houses with wind turbines

That the Scottish government outlines a clear roadmap for support (e.g. FITs or otherwise) for renewables IN SCOTLAND

A level playing field – end subsidies for nuclear and oil

An additional interconnector for Orkney

Make geothermal a reality

Policy stability

A long-term national energy policy that delivers de-carbonisation and is immune to short-term politicking

Put more effort into developing a renewables manufacturing sector

A thriving renewables industry that grows in harmony with nature, avoiding significant harm to wildlife

Concentrate on large scale energy efficiency

We wish renewables could receive the same level of funding (per Kw/h) as the proposed new Hinkley Power Station

An update of the grid to allow further renewables to be developed in the future.

Develop asap the fracking of gas fields to feed power generating CCGTs.

That sanity and pragmatism would return to electricity generation strategy

Less stalling (sorry strategising) on heat solutions and move to action.

Local communities are given the final say on onshore wind. No more refusals at local level being overturned by unelected Government reporters. Westminster has given local communities the final say – why not the Scottish Government?

Concentrate solely on what works ie Hydro

Non subsidised PV panels or HW solar panels on every appropriate new build as condition of planning

All constraint payment must stop

Total honest publicity about the facts of wind energy – constraints payments, actual electricity generated plus electricity used, all turbine failures, all bird deaths.

Should be more selective where development takes places

Grid support

I wish The Scottish Government would stop making industry pay huge energy bills so as to fund growing renewable energy subsidies, which make it ( like Port Talbot steel works and Lynemouth aluminium foundry) uncompetitive, and effectively export the jobs to cheaper energy regimes

Fuel cell & electrolyser manufacturing

Develop the energy storage industry in Scotland. There is a potential complete supply chain for this in Scotland

A coherent government energy policy

Find a solution to the Grid connection problem

Reinstate solar FIT for Scotland

An ‘apollo programme’ on renewable energy in Scotland. I’d like to hear the FM paraphrase JFK as follows: “We choose to go to 100% renewable generation in the next decade and do the other things to combat climate change, not because they are easy, but because they are hard; because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one we intend to win …

Full Devolution of Energy Policy to Scotland

World’s biggest-ever pumped-storage hydro-scheme, for Scotland? Strathdearn Pumped-Storage Hydro Scheme – Can be super-sized to suit Scottish, British or European needs up to 6800GWh

A Scottish owned wind turbine manufacturer.

An increase in community ownership in local renewable energy developments

Subsea Interconnector between The Western Isles and the mainland.


Investment in wave and tidal research

A FIT for small scale wave and tidal deployments

Incentives and subsidies match or are greater than that for fossil fuels and nuclear

Tidal & Wind Turbines

All new houses with solar slates

That renewables energy is provided with the same support in Scotland as the Oil & Gas / Steel industries

Serious investment in energy storage technology

More public ownership/benefit from renewables

more energy storage

low cost

Capitalise on the employment potential of onshore and offshore wind manufacturing

That Scottish Enterprise would employ some people with vision

Break-throughs in marine energy to enable wave, tidal and floating wind to be commercialised, unlocking substantial renewable energy potential

We wish government policy could remain consistent for more than 3 years

An increase in the development of district heating schemes

That politicians would listen to engineers rather than green activists

Increased awareness and use of sustainably produced biomass for the generation of renewable energy

More innovation in localised heat solutions.

No subsidy to be paid for unreliable, weather dependent energy generation

Recognise the need for proper back-up to keep the lights on

Honesty and transparency of the real effects of renewable energy projects. The costs, CO2 savings and effects on wildlife and health are not reported in an unbiased way.

Wind farms should not be paid constraint payments.

All grid connections to form part of the wind farm planning process

That politicians would have a reality check and realise the limitations of wind power – specifically its unreliability, intermittency and its inability to provide a reliable electricity supply

A commitment to low carbon, reliable baseload generation which can only be provided at present by nuclear power

For all renewable energy to be paid for through normal, unsubsidised tariffs, so those living in badly insulated homes using electricity to heat and eat will not be driven further into fuel poverty by the green subsidies added to consumers’ bills.

Developments must represent value for money to the public purse

Financial backing

I wish the Scottish government would realise that covering Scotland in wind turbines will have no impact on global warming, as Britain’s emissions make up only c. 2% of world emissions, so even if Scotlands share of this 2% was reduced to zero, the pace of global warming would be completeley unchanged

More hydro

That the people will at last have access to unbiased information about the true environmental cost of renewables, especially turbines.

Take a serious look at microgrids and develop the manufacturing industry behind them in Scotland

Accreditation scheme for e-storage

Increase in pump storage investment in Scotland

Deep Sea Hydrogen Storage for off-shore power-to-gas energy storage sited in the Rockall Trough

A Scottish owned high capacity electric storage tech company

Larger interconnector to Orkney to allow full exploitation of its marine energy resource

Develop storage capacity as part of a broad international partnership

Uptake of grid balancing technologies

.Provide 100% support for disruptive technologies

More growth in developing technologies like tidal-stream and wave

HydroElectric/Pumped Storage

Investment into battery storage for domestic use

That the Highlands is recognised as key development area for renewables comensurate with the production of renewable energy from the area

Nationalisation of the distribution network to enable effective investment in our future energy distribution

Use of renewable generation income to tackle affordable warmth

gender equal industry

accessible to all

1 GW of installed tidal capacity

That the universities would do more renewables R&D

A rapid scale-up in uptake of renewable heat technologies, recognising that a massive proportion of our energy use is in the form of heat, and we have made comparatively little progress in this area compared to renewable electricity

We wish Westminster would devolve energy policy to the Scottish Government

For the rest of the UK to follow in Scotland’s footsteps

Build policy around 65-70% new flexible nuclear, and the remainder CCGT.

That nuclear generation be regarded as renewable

Expanding and improving the use of forestry and forest products for renewable energy generation

A more predictable tariff system for wind and PV. We need to know what tariff we will get before decide to invest not after the project is commissioned.

More resources put into home energy efficiency eg improving insulation in the housing stock, ground source heat pumps, solar thermal and PV panels for all domestic properties where practical

Scotland's Renewable Future conference - 26 May 2016

Learn about SCOTLAND’S RENEWABLE FUTURE  with MSPs Liam McArthur, Ross Thomson, and expert industry speakers –  26 May 2016 – and take part in the Scottish Renewable Question Time debate.

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