Endurance takes full advantage of winter wind

IMAGE TWOA landowner in Angus has timed his Endurance E-3120 installation perfectly to take full advantage of the winter winds. 

Alisdair Colyton farms 1,450 acres near Forfar with a mix of arable, grass and rough grazing.  In late Summer 2013 we were appointed to supply and install his Endurance E-3120 50kW turbine. 

This was fully operational by mid-November 2013.  In its first 3 months of operation the turbine has already generated 43,000 kWh of electricity.

Alisdair commented:

“We are extremely pleased with how smoothly things have gone so far – obviously we’ve had some excellent wind over recent months but, even taking this into account, generation has exceeded expectations.”

The primary reasons for undertaking the project were the financial uncertainties associated with the impending CAP reform in 2015-16. 

“It’s still unclear how this is all going to pan out specifically for our business but we wanted an additional revenue stream to counter-act any potential income loss,” said Alisdair.

The project is relatively typical of many wind solutions at this farm scale.  While we would always look to maximise the savings from the use of power generated on-site, due to the turbine location and potential cost implications of connection to points of power consumption, this is not always possible.  In this case 100% of the output is exported to the grid.

IMAGE ONECommercial Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are now offering improved prices for exported energy.  Our client has been able to secure a rate of 6p/unit for the power he exports to the grid.

Given pressures in national and global markets,it is expect to see these export tariffs rising steadily over the next 10 years.  This will, to some extent, offset the impact of degressions in the FiT generation tariff for wind from April 2014.

With many experts predicting energy prices are likely to keep rising over the long-term, we believe farm businesses will increasingly look to solutions at this scale to control their energy bills.


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