Four Scottish wave energy pioneer projects share £2.8m funding bonus

Scottish Energy Minister Paul Wheelhouse has handed out another £2.8 million to help four wave power projects to further develop their technology in a drive to successfully commercialise the wave energy sector in Scotland.

The following projects are being funded for 100 per cent of the costs for developing their technology project, with each contract worth around £700,000.


Lead Company:             4c Engineering

Project title:                    ACER2

The Sea Power Platform is a low draft, low profile floating device which captures wave energy through relative motion of two hinged structures. The floating structures respond in heave and pitch to the oncoming waves and are configured to react against each other. Power is taken off at the hinged connection of the two structures. The device is slack-moored to the seabed using three or four mooring lines, depending on the size of device and the site. In order to capture the maximum available energy, the Sea Power Platform is deployed in deep water, typically 10km or more off shore Recent work carried out by the company at the SmartBay test site in Galway demonstrated the ease with which the device can be installed and operated in a near real-sea off-shore environment.


Lead Company: AWS Ocean Energy

Project title:      Improved Archimedes Waveswing™

This project will investigate potential for significant improvements to the economic performance of the Archimedes Waveswing™ WEC following recent innovations and developments. The original Waveswing concept was tested and demonstrated at large scale offshore Portugal in 2004 but was not commercially feasible. AWS Ocean Energy has improved the fundamental understanding of the device and as a result has identified new configurations for the concept which will provide a very significant improvement to the cost of energy whilst reducing technical risk.


Lead Company:                 Checkmate Seaenergy Ltd

Project title:                      Anaconda Novel Wave Energy Converter Stage 2

Anaconda is a novel wave energy device comprising a rubber bulge tube and power take-off.The WES Stage 2 project will build on the results achieved during Stage 1 with an engineering work programme focused on a lower risk ‘Mk1’ baseline configuration and concepts for a more advanced ‘MkX’ version. The Mk1 design is intended for the first array-series Anaconda WECs. The MkX will include further step change technologies offering improved economic potential in the longer term. This Stage 2 programme balances the near-term risks with the longer term potential for the technology


Lead Company:                 Mocean Energy Ltd

Project title:                      Mocean WEC: Next-Level Hydrodynamics and Engineering

The Mocean energy convertor is a hinged raft with a rotational power take-off. The design innovation is in the geometry of the two hulls:

  • submerged nose and tail
  • cross-coupling between modes of motion
  • higher excitation force
  • good survivability
  • more power per size

Because the two hulls of the machine react against each other – rather than the sea-bed – the residual mooring forces are low and can be accommodated by a relatively low-cost single-point mooring that allows the machine to yaw, like a weathervane, so it naturally faces the direction from which most wave energy arrives.


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