Logan Energy chief hails ‘dawn of new hydrogen power era’ at Levenmouth project

Hydrogen has been demonstrated at Levenmouth to be a significant resource for both electricity and heat requirements, as well as a sustainable zero emission transport fuel which can drive the energy sector through the global clean energy revolution.

The successful installation of hydrogen technologies at the Levenmouth Community Energy Project represents the ‘dawn of a new energy era’, according to specialists Logan Energy.

The project also includes Bright Green Hydrogen, Japanese electronics giant Toshiba and the Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (SHFCA).

Logan Energy believes this project is a turning point in positively proving the case for hydrogen as a key clean energy solution. The Edinburgh-based company has designed, supplied and installed a state-of-the-art hydrogen-based system.

Bill Ireland is chief executive of Logan Energy, a hydrogen and fuel cell specialist business which is also responsible for the installation of over 1.1MWe of fuel cell based clean energy technology in the UK.

He said: “At the Levenmouth Community Energy Project we have delivered what many visionaries have been talking about for some time and shown that it can be integrated into the existing energy systems for stationary power and transport needs.

“The drive for increasing our reliance upon renewable technologies is not new but the economic need to do so, and means to time shift energy, has never been more pertinent. The work we have completed at Levenmouth is a true first and highlights the power of hydrogen as a standalone multisector energy resource that also supports existing energy networks.

“This is a milestone in the energy sector and marks the practical delivery of a new hydrogen based energy era.”

The energy balancing system designed and installed by Logan Energy comprises a 250kWe proton exchange membrane electrolyser, a gas storage arrangement and a 100kWe fuel cell. Coupled with a smart control system, the energy balancing is achieved by generating and storing hydrogen when there is excess renewable energy available.

The hydrogen is then used to power the fuel cell to provide power to the private wire network at times when there is insufficient renewable energy being generated.

The mobile refuelling units are self-contained modules, based upon ISO shipping container dimensions, so they can be readily transported and easily relocated from site to site. These are used to refuel Europe’s largest fleet of hydrogen hybrid vehicles which includes vans and refuse lorries.

Hydrogen is stored at the site and reconverted to electricity at times when on-site wind and solar generation is low, helping to offset the intermittency of renewable energy as well as being compressed and stored for 350bar refuelling of vehicles.

Logan Energy will maintain the newly-installed systems for the next five years during which information will be gathered and assessments made on the performance of the different technologies implemented.

With Scottish Government support, Logan Energy has assisted the traditional service industry to develop their existing skill sets to support this rapidly growing sector and, on the back of new global projects, the company is set to build on this knowledge base.

Ireland added: “The UK, and Scotland in particular, has a wealth of expertise in the energy sector. There is a massive potential to harness the skills and the innovative mindset that drove the growth of the traditional energy sector and bring that to the hydrogen and wider renewables sectors.”

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