Scotland’s Independence White Paper: New independent Scots National Regulatory Authority for Energy to be set up

ofgemAn independent Scotland will designate a new independent National Regulatory Authority for Energy, operating in co-operation with the electricity and gas market regulator in the rest of the UK.

This model of regulatory co-operation is in line with the increasing levels of co-operation throughout Europe. An independent Scotland will be an important voice.

With independence, control of offshore licensing and leases will create new opportunities to deliver community benefits from offshore development while giving due regard to the diverse marine environment.

Regulation of energy was considered in the Scottish Government’s paper Economic and Competition Regulation in an Independent Scotland.

Following independence, this Government plans to simplify the regulatory landscape to one that is more appropriate for a country of Scotland’s size, bringing together economic regulatory functions in the vital sectors of communications, energy, transport, and water into one combined economic regulator.

Consumers will benefit from having a more powerful regulator acting on their behalf, with strong powers to ensure that markets are working efficiently in Scotland. Industry will benefit from dealing with fewer regulatory bodies and from greater stability and consistency in regulatory decisions.

The energy arm of the Scottish regulator could, in principle, be based at the Scottish offices of Ofgem. It will work in partnership with the energy regulator in England and Wales in a model of shared regulation of the integrated GB-wide market.

The Scottish Government’s Expert Commission on Energy Regulation is currently assessing evidence on models of co-operation between regulators and national governments under these arrangements – it will report to the Scottish Government in spring 2014.

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