‘Scotland’s tidal energy will be great for Britain’, forecasts Atlantis chief Cornelius as he scoops top industry award

green union jackAtlantis 1.5MW AR1500 turbine Lockheed MartinScotland’s tidal energy will be great for Britain as the sector stands on the edge of a new industrial revolution.

That was the forecast from Tim Cornelius, Chief Executive of Atlantis Resources. after he won the ‘Most Influential Professional in the Tidal Sector’ award at the International Tidal Summit in London yesterday.

Cornelius beat off competition from Mark Shorrock, Chief Executive, Tidal Lagoon Power, and  Fiona Buckley, Chair of TP Ocean/ ENGIE, to scoop the award. He said:

“In terms of manufacturing – one could argue that Britain lost wind – and it lost nuclear.

“But it can own tidal. And – Scotland is to tidal what Silicon Valley is to tech.

“We must continue to counter cyclically create high value jobs in regions hit by the downturn in the oil & gas and we must embrace storage and use our generation predictability to become part of the grid solution in this country.

“We need to quickly increase the installed capacity of tidal power in strategically relevant locations and therefore, we must use our current CfD allocation to attract £500 million of project investment into this sector and repay the faith placed in us by the politicians who have tirelessly supported this industry.

Tim Cornelius
Tim Cornelius

“Atlantis is leading the charge. The industry is rallying and there has never been more momentum, more success stories, more good news. This industry will deliver and it will be great for Britain.”

He also provided an update on acitivities the Atlantis Group – the company which is shaping developments occurring within Tidal Power Scotland Limited – and on the MeyGen project

The MeyGen project has over 50 companies involved. The ETI StreamTec companies has over 40 companies involved.

  • Tidal Lagoon Power – for putting tidal barrage on the map
  • Shottel – for reaching financial close in Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Minesto – for achieving a Nasdaq junior listing this year
  • Open Hydro for progress made in France and Nova Scotia
  • The MeyGen project team for a sensational 2015 onshore and offshore construction campaign
  • Alstom for achieving 1GW of generation
  • AHH for developing a world leading turbine for the MeyGen site
  • Bluewater and Tocardo for a successful recent testing TEXEL project testing program
  • Lockheed Martin & the Atlantis Turbine team for progress made on the AR1500 program
  • Tidal Energy Limited for progress on the Ramsay Sound project in Wales
  • Sabella for their recent installation in France

Cornelius added: “Our forefathers showed the world that tidal power was one of the most exciting emerging assets classes because it is undeveloped, predictable, environmentally benign and not a blight on nature’s wondrous landscapes.

“They attracted private and public sector investment and embarked on a multi-hundred million pound R&D program that yielded world leading turbine systems from MCT, TGL/Rolls Royce, Alstom, Andritz Hammerfest Hydro and Open Hydro and of course now we are seeing a new wave of turbine developers who continue to push the boundaries of the possible – in order to deliver the holy grail of cost effective reliability.

“Today, we find ourselves at an enviable intersection of good public policy, stable government, a capable an engaged supply chain, a sustained downturn in the oil and gas industry and a revenue support mechanism the envy of the world over.

“Now, we need to deliver at scale – to deliver a billion pounds worth of projects within a time frame that is in sync with electoral cycles, and these projects must be delivered using a highly domesticated supply chain so that the tax payer can feel the demonstrable benefits of tidal power to Britain.

“Britain must embrace tidal power. Britain must love tidal power – and we are all ambassadors for our industry with a role to play in promoting this indigenous, secure form of energy that will generate jobs – real jobs where real people build really big things with the same vision and gusto that conquered the seemingly impenetrable North Sea in the 1970s.”


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