Scottish energy consultants urge utilities to sell ‘kilometres not kilowatts’ to encourage drivers to shift to battery-powered-cars (BPVs)

An Edinburgh-based energy consultancy has produced a new review of emerging trends in BPV motoring (battery-powered vehicles).

And Jon Slower, Director of Delta-ee, says traditional utilities and independent new rivals alike should focus more on ‘selling kilometres rather than kilowatts’ to exploiting this emerging new market.

Many consumers suffer from ‘range anxiety about BPVs – ie the fear of the battery in their automobile running flat and leaving them stranded.

Slower added: “Electricity network operators will need to understand when, how and where different groups are going to be charging in order to manage demand on the grid, or even start to put in place much-anticipated vehicle-to-grid services.

“Then you have the brewing battle to capture the market for BPV services. Winning that will require detailed understanding of different customers and their needs. We will see smart companies selling mobility –  not cars; more kilometres rather than kilowatts.

“Early-entrants into the BPV services’ market (OEMS, oil majors, utilities and new entrants) offer very few integrated solutions for customers – the market is still open.”

But public BPV re-charging points will account for just 8% of the infrastructure needed to keep electric cars on the move.

By far the most common BPV re-chargers will be plugged into private homes overnight after the daily commute, and/or during the day while the driver is at their place of work.

Alexander Lewis-Jones, a market analyst at Delta-ee added: “The BPV revolution will be just that – a revolution.

“BPVs have the potential to change not just the cars we drive, but how we buy and service them, the shape of our electricity infrastructure and even who we buy electricity from.

“No one can take anything for granted and an understanding of tomorrow’s customers and their needs is absolutely essential to make the most of these opportunities.”

31 May 2018

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