On 12 March, the Scottish Government published Scotland’s electricity and gas networks: vision to 2030. The document builds on Scotland’s Energy Strategy, which was published in December 2017, and looks at the ways in which Scotland’s electricity and gas network infrastructure will continue to support the energy transition.

Scotland’s networks will support an ‘inclusive’ transition to a decentralised energy system, a holistic approach across sectors and smarter, local energy models.

New transmission infrastructure will connect Scotland to England, Wales and the rest of Europe, as well as Scotland’s islands. The distribution system operator transition, meanwhile, will provide opportunities to reward ‘all consumers’.

An evidence base will be developed to show the feasibility and costs associated with adapting the gas transmission network to support 100% hydrogen. The gas distribution network will blend increasing quantities of gases such as bio methane and bio SNG.

Minister for Energy, Connectivity and the Islands Paul Wheelhouse said: “This vision takes the same whole system view as Scotland’s Energy Strategy and highlights the range of complex challenges that need to be met and the opportunities that exist.”

Scottish Government