Solar power storage may prove answer to feed-in tariff cuts

Marc Stanton
Marc Stanton


Clean Power Solutions has claimed that energy storage systems could be a solution to problems raised by cuts to the solar feed-in tariff.

The company believes that its new system to store generated energy, instead of selling it to the grid, will prove more attractive to investors as a means of reducing energy bills by taking advantage of times when local supply exceeds demand.

Dr. Marc Stanton, Director, Clean Power, said: “The recently announced possible changes to feed-in tariffs for solar panels, has spread panic and consternation amongst many people thinking about installing solar PV panels. The government recently announced its intention to slash the Feed in Tariffs, possibly as early as January 2016 and end them completely as soon as possible.

“For many people, energy costs are a significant part of overheads and the ability to control or even eliminate them is a serious consideration. Thousands of people across the country have already installed solar panels.

“The recently announced planned reduction and removal of feed-in tariffs appear to mark the end of the financial road for many planned installations.

There is however a possible solution just coming onto the market at just the right time. Storing the power appears to be the answer. Instead of sending the excess, unused power to the grid, it is stored for use when required rather than when produced. Even using the proposed new tariffs, prices, a 50 kW solar PV system with a ‘Smart Power’ energy storage system could give a five year payback, and an IRR of 21%. This is in addition to the fact that future energy costs would be locked in forever at zero.

“A further benefit is the fact that the patent-pending Smart Power system can connect to the grid for zero cost as the connection is a G83/2 connection and so can not be stopped by the District Network Owner (DNO). In addition if the stored power gets a bit low, or a bit of extra power is required; the extra power can still be drawn from the Grid.


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