Sweden’s energy agency invests £6m into testing new wave-power generator in Orkney

The Cor Power wave power machine arrives in Orkney after being designed and built in Sweden
The Cor Power wave power machine arrives in Orkney after being designed and built in Sweden

A new wave energy conversion system is installed at the European Marine Energy Centre in Orkney – thanks to support from Sweden’s Energy Agency (which has no similar counterpart in Scotland).

Inspired by the by the mechanics of the human heart, the innovative Cor Power Ocean system was designed and built in Sweden – where the ‘heart’ convertor pushes wave-driven gears vertically rather than the failed Scots-led horizontal devices.

But it is now undergoing live ‘sea-trials’ off Orkney for loads, survivability, and performance in off-grid functioning, to verify the business case for full-scale application in target markets.

The new Cor Power wave power generator has brought together research and industrial partners from Portugal, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, and Germany, and has been funded by Inno Energy, the Swedish Energy Agency with £6 million investment

It has also been supported by the European Commission’s H2020 WaveBoost project, with an £4 million.

Designed by Cor Power Ocean – a Swedish energy start-up – the C3 wave energy converter system is based on machine design research performed at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and the technology research at NTNU in Trondheim.

The sea waters close to Orkney are believed to offer some of the best wave and tidal energy sources across the globe, and the zone has become a sought-after place for the experimentation of renewable energy.

According to Patrik Möller, Cor Power chief executive, the C3 can make the most of the complete spectrum of waves, generating five times more energy per ton when compared to other systems.

He said: “We are seeing immense value in working in the Scottish ocean energy ecosystem, where we can benefit from lessons learned from previous wave projects.

“Working closely with the Orkney supply chain provides us with unique operational experience to the project, as they have deployed more ocean energy devices than anywhere else in the world.”

The C3 is referred to as a point absorber type system in the wave energy industry and includes a buoy that absorbs wave energy, and also a drivetrain that transforms the motion of the buoy into electric current.

The unit has been developed based on patents obtained by Stig Lundbäck, a Swedish cardiologist, some of which are based on his investigations into heart pumping and control functions.

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21 Feb 2018

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