The Future of Energy Efficiency Policies in the UK: Keynote Edinburgh university speech today

edinburgh-university-logoThe Paris Agreement shifts the climate policy regime from diplomacy to delivery. Now that the dust has settled it is very clear that, globally, we are some way off delivering emission cuts that will keep temperature increases below 2C, let alone 1.5C.

So governments are going to have to figure out how they can deliver a significant increase in reductions over baseline. Reducing demand will be central to this, not least to buy more time for CCS and supply decarbonisation.

The UK has a performance gap of its own. We invented some of the most innovative demand-side policies in the world, e.g. the 2008 Climate Change Act.

Progress has been good, but all of the low-lying fruit has been picked and there are not enough policies to meet the 2030 targets let alone 2050.

A new plan is promised at the end of 2016 and several policy reviews are underway.

But there is no strategic focus and several flagship policies have been ditched after resistance from energy users.

What should government do? Fortunately we can learn the lessons of 40 years of energy efficiency policy.

Dr Peter Mallaburn, Director of Policy and Governance, UCL Energy Institute will talk about his unique insights into energy and climate policy processes derive from his long term, hands-on, experience of developing and implementing policy at a senior level inside government and its agencies.

In the seminar Peter will discuss lessons from 40 years of energy efficiency policies in the UK, and examine what needs to be done now to ensure the urgently needed step change.

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