Scottish Parliament BAN on Scottish Energy News protects ’Kezia the Lesbian’ (and all other ‘official’ insiders against the public interest)

Holyrood logoScottish Energy News disnae ken if  – and has nae interest in the ‘fact’ that Kezia Dugdale,  the leader of the ‘Scottish’ Labour party – is a lesbian. Or not.

Whether Kezia is a lesbia or not is entirely irrelevant to her and/or her party’s policies on Scottish energy.

But according to today’s printed edition of  the Sunday Herald, (Page 15, 3 April 2015)- the staunch Sturgeonist pro-Nationalist weekly newspaper –  Dugdale is a lesbian. It reports today: “Dugdale also confirmed she was in a relationship with a woman – an ‘open secret’ at Holyrood – saying: ‘I don’t talk about it much because I don’t feel I need to’”.

Fair enough. Every one – even politicians – are (rightly) entitled to a private, private-life.

But the bigger picture issue here is that Scottish Energy News (and thereby, our thousands of readers around the world) are EXCLUDED from these ‘open secrets’ at Holyrood because the chief clerk of the Scottish Parliament, Paul Grice – who is used to spurting out ready solutions to the kind of problems than even King Solomon would take a moment or two to  think about –  because he (Grice) used to work in a local  cooncil in Haddington has ruled that Scottish Energy News is not a ‘real’ media channel.

The Scottish Parliament is designed to be, and has frequently blown its own trumpet particularly loudly on this point – that it is  different (ie ‘more open, transparent and accessible) than its Westminster Mother Parliament.

But because Scottish Energy News is denied the same kind of ‘general media pass’ afforded to Oor Wullie (the specialist energy expert comic cartoon character created by a traditionally chauvinistic and anti-trade union company) and/or the BBC,  we are unable to confirm whether, or not, Kezia is a lesbia.

Whether she is, or is not, is immaterial and insignificant to the Scottish energy sector.

But what would be important, material and significant, is if it was an ‘open secret’ that, for example, Dugdale owned shares in a pro-shale gas exploration company, or her (lesbian) partner does) when her party’s policy is to oppose onshore unconventional gas exploration in Scotland – but that Scottish Energy News is unable to report this ‘open secret’ because of  chief clerk Grice’s continued decision to BAN  Scottish Energy News from the Scottish Parliament.

This Scottish Parliament BAN on Scottish Energy News is as stupid and illogical as it is unsustainable. Its continued silence on this matter debunks its claims to be ‘different’ and is a stain on Scotland’s democracy.

Unlike the Scottish Parliament, Scottish Energy News wants to hear your views.

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  • ‘Disnae ken’ is the Scottish language verb  for ‘does not know’ and is non-pejorative. The Scots language is nominally  supported by the Scottish Government (although it publishes only in Gaelic and English)  (Ditto for Scottish Parliament)  Dictionar o’ the Scots Leid  / Dictionary of the Scots Language – 

Holyrood logoMeanwhile, the Scottish Parliament BAN on Scottish Energy News is STILL A BAN ON DEMOCRACY; see


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