UK energy system upgrade: ‘Market still not fit for purpose’, says SNP Energy MP

The SNP said that new rules will make it easier for consumers to generate and store their own power using solar panels and batteries – but warned that years of UK Government inaction has led to an energy market that is not fit for purpose. 
Drew Hendry MP, the SNP’s Westminster spokesperson for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy said: “While we welcome that it will be easier for some consumers to sell energy back into the National Grid, the UK Government continues to miss the point on energy – this is the kind of action that should have been taken years ago. This is too little – and much too late.
“For years the Tories, Labour and Liberal Democrats have avoided tackling an energy market that is leaving thousands of families facing fuel poverty, and while the new Industrial strategy must support energy initiatives like this one, it must also tackle inequity in the market.
“Across the UK there are 14 regional markets with different levels of network charges meaning that electricity distribution charges for the north of Scotland are 84% higher than the charges for London and the standard unit price is 2p a kw/hr more than in other parts of the UK. 

Drew Hendry, MP
Drew Hendry, MP

“People should not be penalised because of where they live or because they don’t have the money to invest in technology.
“It is time that we saw real action to cut costs for households squeezed by rising prices and stretched incomes.”


UK energy system upgrade must include nuclear and gas, says GMB.

The GMB trade union says while any move towards a coherent national strategy is welcome, Greg Clarke mustn’t lose sight of the fact gas and nuclear provide the lion’s share of our base energy needs now and into the future.

Justin Bowden, GMB National Secretary for Energy, said: “Progress along the road towards anything that might start to resemble a national industrial and energy policy for the UK is welcome.

“What Greg Clarke must do however, is keep his feet nailed firmly to the floor.

“That means as we expand support for crucial research into battery storage and cost-effective renewables we make urgent investment decisions to support gas and new nuclear so we have reliable base load capacity for all those times when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow.

“The breakthrough in storage is still yet to come and wishful thinking alone won’t make it happen.”

25 July 2017

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