UPDATE POLICY PLATFORM: Energy and Scottish independence

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The following expert article was published earlier this week on the POLICY PLATFORM page at Scottish Energy News.

This has since been keenly read, followed-up and referred to by the Scottish National Party as part of its own communications campaign in support of Scottish Independence – as can be seen by the following extract – which is their right to do so.

But readers should be in no doubt that while Scottish Energy News is keen to publish business to business information to help Scotland’s energy industry, we do not take a party political view and remain committed to fair, independent, and impartial reporting of facts.


You can read the full article – ‘Energy and Scottish independence’ – by Chris Gooddall – only on the Scottish Energy News Policy Platform at http://goo.gl/o7Eo5m

POLICY PLATFORM: Energy and Independence

“In essence, the attack on Scotland is unpleasantly hypocritical: Salmond and his government are pilloried for striving to achieve by 2020 what the UK as a whole plans to achieve by 2030, just a decade later.”



Erik Geddes <erik.geddes@snpmedia.net>
to All  MediaFor immediate release: Wednesday 30 April



 The SNP also welcomed an article by another leading energy and climate change expert which further put paid to UK government claims about energy prices in an independent Scotland.The article,** written by Oxford based energy author Chris Goodall, notes that ‘the R-UK needs Scotland more than Scotland needs us’ and ‘Scottish renewables are getting cheaper over time but the reverse is true in England and Wales’.

Further notes:**


 Frankly, in the event of Scottish independence, the rUK needs Scotland more than Scotland needs us.”

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