Why take the Aberdeen ‘Snail & Journal’ 24-hours-late train, when you can ride the Scottish Energy News express today?

Scottish Energy News;  22 Dec 2015
Scottish Energy News; 22 Dec 2015

Why bother with The (London) Times, The (Aberdeen) Snail & Journal and the English trade press – when they’re ALL always 24 hours BEHIND Scottish-UK-Energy-News? 

And why pay for the ‘privilege’ of getting your Scottish energy news 24 hours later than is delivered by Scottish Energy News (for free)? 

But don’t take our word for it. You can see the (timed) evidence in these published screen-images – all of which show the London-based media, the regional Scottish media and the UK trade press ALL CATCHING UP 24 HOURS AFTER  Scottish Energy News has published first.

Scottish-UK-Energy-News was launched in September 2013 to report, reflect – and to trumpet – the good news about Scotland’s energy industries.

24 hours later - the London Times catches up with Scottish-UK-Energy-News.
24 hours later – the London Times catches up on 23 Dec 2015 with Scottish-UK-Energy-News.

Scotland is blessed with good fortune in energy resources – whether it be coal, oil, gas, wind, or waves and, as a result, punches well above its weight in terms of international profile and impact.

Scotland’s energy industries are often at the forefront of cutting-edge global developments, innovation and best practice (and all our reports are search-able and available free online!)

Yet all too often the good news about Scottish energy is still reported too late – and frequently 24 hours too late in London/ English media.

24 hours behind the times ...
London trade press Business Green;  Yet another publication  24 hours behind the times of Scottish Energy News

Scotland’s energy good news is reported fast and accurately – as it happens, on the day, every day in Scottish Energy News – while too often in the London/ Engish trade press it is hidden behind pay-to-subscribe media pay walls.

Scottish Energy News does not hide behind pay walls. To get your good news communicated – on the day – to the world wide web (and thereby, to actual and potential customers) is free of charge.

Pay wall subscriptions are a tax on good news.

Scottish Energy News will never impose a tax of news.

Indeed, Scottish Energy News is free of charge. Always. All the time. For all energy news in Scotland.


Which is why Scottish Energy News is UNIQUE

And readers and advertisers can reach the same market, the same readers, the same audiences as Energy Voice (which imposes a Pay Wall Tax on YOUR news) – all free of charge.

Scottish Energy News has the SAME READERS, THE SAME CIRCULATION and the SAME REACH as regional publications like Energy Voice and the Aberdeen Snail & Journal.

IF YOU and YOUR company have a world-beating innovation, technology, market, or combination of all three – why wait the Aberdeen Snail & Journal when you can take the express route to market with Scottish-UK-Energy-News.

And remembers, Scottish-UK-Energy News reports on all key energy sectors in Scotland – coal, gas, oil, renewables – unlike local and London-based ‘rivals’.

And it’s all tax-free! Every day. And daily in your FREE SCOTTISH-UK-ENERGY-NEWS

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Fergus Ewing, MSP, Scottish Energy Minister
Fergus Ewing, MSP, Scottish Energy Minister

Scottish Energy Minister and Scottish Energy News

“I would like to put this comment on the record: Scottish Energy News is a very clear, very helpful source of information for all the significant energy news in Scotland – and I read it every day at 6.30am”

Fergus Ewing, MSP
Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Tourism
Scottish Government

Scottish Energy News.com is an international digital news platform, reporting on all key energy-related issues from a Scotland, UK and EU perspective.  Because of the global significance of Scotland’s oil, gas, wind, wave and other natural energy resources, Scottish Energy News provides a unique pan-global perspective.

Two years since launch in September 2013, the Scottish Energy News business-to-business daily email newsletter is now sent to just under 5,000 individually-named and actively-subscribed readers – every day.

Readers include 75% of MSPs in the Scottish Parliament – and many more in Brussels and Westminster, as well as by industry association chiefs, company directors and senior executives, industry professionals, public sector bodies, regulators, industry professionals, think-tanks and trade unions.

In addition, the Scottish Energy News website is now visited by an average of more than 10,000 unique visitors per month (Jan-Aug 2015. In March 2015, the website received more than 10,000 unique visitors and hit another record high in Aug 2015 of 12,042 unique visitors   while  @ScotEnergyNews has more than 500 Twitter followers.

While most readers/ subscribers are based in the UK/ Ireland, 10% of readers are based in North America and Japan/China/ Australia.  

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